A comprised team of different talents, each with her or his own personal strength. Unite these strengths and you get an unbeatable team. Our teamwork and professionalism leads to accomplishing some of the most challenging objectives in organizing events with impact.


Marco Valk, owner


''Transforming an idea of a client or artist into reality is really amazing. It's always different, daring and sometimes also very exciting. It's a kick when everything succeeds and our client is enthusiastic, which gives me an energy boost every single time. Then I can barely wait for the next event!''


Mila Woudenberg


"Co Solo and Co Solo Entertainment really fits me. Before I became a member of the Co Solo crew, I was active as an ambulant event manager for Co Solo for a couple of years. Each time I enjoyed the highly thoughtful planned events where I saw every guest glowing with a big smile. At this moment I'm standing at the base of the creative concepts for all kinds of events. It all starts with that one phone call that causes a lot of excitement, only to stop when I see the guests enjoying their party. I love it when the whole picture is complete and fitted, when it becomes an event with a head and a tale."


Wanita Binda


''Co Solo provides unforgettable experiences in total-events, entertainment and locations. Our goal is to deliver every guest, client, supplier and everyone who works on these experiences a big smile. This so called "Co Solo effect" had me from day one. While working for Co Solo, not a day goes by without having a big smile on my face. Co Solo stands for fun (and I mean a lot of fun), honesty, respect and professionalism. And it all comes from an incredible amazing, inspiring and enthusiastic team where I happily can be a part of!"


Lynn van den Berg


''When I think of Co Solo, I think of the words creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism. Not only at the office but also at every event that Co Solo organizes. To be part of a team where everyone is working with passion for the job and enthusiasm is absolutely amazing. It is the key to our successful events!"


Jantien Eenhoorn


''In Dubai , we have no such word as 'impossible'. It does not exist in our vocabulary. This perfectly mirrors Co Solo's vision. If you can imagine it, we can do it. My objective: make Co Solo the high end events organizer of choice in the United Arab Emirates. What excites me? Exceeding my clients expectations and creating a wow-factor ... and chocolate of course!"


Aswhen Alakhramsing


''From some sketches on a paper to an event where you can only say 'wow'!

Co Solo thinks with you and is capable to give you a big smile on your face on every event. Which also applies to ourselves and the clients. I have beautiful memories of every event of Co Solo where I was a part of. That's it for me: unforgettable memories and that is exactly what Co Solo does!"


Michel Witte


''Working at Co Solo is a party, even before an event has started. The close and professional teamwork of the Co Solo team ensures that our clients leave their event with a big smile and contact us again for the next edition. Constantly working on innovation and feeding the creative spirit. That is the power of Co Solo and that makes it fantastic to be part of."

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